Configuring SAML and STS Settings for InsideView's SAP C / 4 HANA Cloud Package


This article outlines the process of configuring SAML and STS settings for InsideView Sales custom package in SAP C /4 HANA Cloud. If you'd like to get a peek into InsideView security authentication overview, read the article InsideView Security Authentication Overview

The instructions in this article describe how to configure SAML settings for allowingSAP C /4 HANA Cloud to access InsideView Sales application. Only an SAP account administrator can complete this configuration.

Configuring SAML Settings for InsideView 

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the InsideView screen Search and open any company account inSAP C /4 HANA. If you have not logged in with your user credentials, you will be prompted with the following screen:

If this is your first attempt to access InsideView, or you forgot your password or intend to set a new password, click I Need a Password button.

Note: InsideView supports Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML with a view to providing the ability to login just once across all the applications and operating systems you need to access. If you're a user, request your administrator to configure SSO. If you are an administrator and want to configure SSO as a one-time setup for your team, click the here link in the above figure to learn more about the procedure to set up SSO.

 2 Change Password Enter the email ID to reset or receive your new password.

 3 Submit Click Submit. You will receive a link in your inbox to set your password. 

 4 Sign in Log in with your administrator user credentials.
 5 Go to the InsideView Admin page InsideView by default will ask account admin users to log in to InsideView with their username and password unless Single Sign-On (SSO) is enabled for SAP C /4 HANA. 

Once the User Access configuration is complete, if you have not configured SAML connection endpoints that allows InsideView Sales to communicate with SAP C /4 HANA, the following message appears.


Click the Here link to open the InsideView Admin page on a new window.


Click Next to Configure STS details to Sync Data from InsideView into SAP C4C.


 6 Go to the Single Sign-On page When you click the Here link in the screen above, the InsideView Sales Admin page appears. Click Add SAML.

Note: You must add the SAML details to InsideView admin page under the Single Sign-On tab in the screen above.

 7 Create a new SAML connection To create a new SAML connection forSAP C /4 HANA, enter the following SAML details:
  • CRM Organization - Select the SAP C/4 HANA  Organization ID that is generated for your instance from the drop-down menu.
  • STS Name - The STS name is a unique Organization ID followed by your company's instance name. This name is auto populated once you select the CRM organization ID.
  • SAMLp/WS-Fed Unsolicited Endpoint - Set up SAMLp/WS-Fed Unsolicited Endpoint (IDP Meta Data URL). In this example, SSOCircle URL is used as an identity provider:

    Apart from SSOCircle, you can also use ADFS or any third party identity provider that is supported by InsideView. For more information, read the article Configuring InsideView as an Identity Provider in SAP C4C in our Knowledge Base.

  • STS Certificate - Copy and paste the STS certificate code that you downloaded from InsideView.
  • CRM Email Mapping - User’s Email Address in the source for SAP C/4 HANA instance.
  • CRM First Name Mapping - First name of the user.
  • CRM Last Name Mapping - Last name of the user.


 8 Verify the SAML  Once the SAML connection is created, SAML name and endpoint is visible as illustrated. 

Configuring STS Details to Sync Data from InsideView

The STS details can be configured either by an SAP C /4 HANA administrator or a user who has received the STS information from the administrator for their account. 

Step Description Details
 1 Sign in Log intoSAP C /4 HANA with your administrator user credentials.
 2 Go to the InsideView Admin page

Once the SAML configuration is complete, if you have not configured STS details that allows SAP C/4 HANA to sync account data from InsideView Sales, the following message appears.

Click Next to enter STS information to allow InsideView Sales to communicate with your SAP C/4 HANA instance: 

 3 Enter STS details
  • CRM User ID - User’s unique User ID in the source CRM. This ID must be unique across the CRM universe for your SAP C/4 HANA in sandbox and production environment.
  • STS Client ID - The STS Client ID that you have downloaded from InsideView. For more information, read the article "How to Retrieve Client ID and Client Secret from SAP C /4 HANA" in our Knowledge Base.    
  • STS Client Secret - The STS Client Secret that you find in InsideView's self signed certificate. For more information, refer to the "article" mentioned above.
  • Local Service Provider - The Local Service Provider URL to generate accessToken for updating SAP CRM fields. You have to get the Local Service Provider URL from SAP C/4 HANA. For more information, refer to the "article" mentioned above.


Note: It is mandatory for you to enter STS credentials. Only then you can use the Update CRM functionality. Otherwise, you cannot use this feature and it's benefit of syncing the accurate data from InsideView into your SAP C/4 HANA.

 4 Submit

Once you have added the STS login details, click Submit to sync account data as illustrated below.


Once the STS details are configured for users, they can use the Update CRM feature.       

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