InsideView Sales for SAP Hybris Sales Cloud


InsideView Sales for SAP Hybris Sales Cloud allows you to clean, update, enrich and standardize existing prospect and customer records thereby helping you to improve and maintain the overall quality of your CRM records.

With InsideView's Targeting Intelligence integrated into your SAP Hybris Sales Cloud provides the following powerful benefits to sellers and sales leaders:

  • As a native integration within SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, InsideView delivers relevant intelligence within every account view.
  • Allows you to sync InsideView's clean and enriched data into your SAP Sales Cloud instance.
  • Lets you find more opportunities for account growth and import associated account and contact data into SAP Sales Cloud in just a few clicks
  • Enables you to streamline and accelerate sellers’ research efforts
  • Drives sales productivity by improving data accuracy, reducing research time, increased lead conversions and win rates
  • Increases CRM adoption by offering sellers real-time data and insights
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