Configuring InsideView as an Identity Provider in SAP C4C


This article explains how to configure the certificate metadata in a third party Single Sign-On (SSO) application to create a communication channel between InsideView and SAP Cloud for Customer. To learn about configuring SAML and STS settings for SAP C4C, refer to the article Configuring SAML and STS Settings for InsideView's SAP Sales Cloud Package on our Knowledge Base. 

Important Notes: Setting up the certificate metadata for your third party SSO application is beyond the purview of InsideView. If you have any questions related to configuring certificate metadata, please contact your Administrator or refer to your identity provider's documentation. In this article, SSO Circle third party application for SAP C4C is used as an example. The steps will differ to configure the Identity Provider based your third party vendor.

An administrator of the on-premises CRM deployment is a typical user of this article. Others whom this article may be useful include the administrator of InsideView account and anyone who manages an Identity Provider configuration.

Configuring InsideView as an Identity Provider in SSO Circle

In order to have a communication between your identity provider and Insideview, you must have to setup Insideview as a valid Service Provider in your identity provider. To complete the configuration, follow these steps:
Step Description Details
 1 Download the Metadata You must define the metadata for InsideView to make it as a service provider. Open the following link and upload this metadata or copy paste the content in your Identity Provider settings form later:
 2 Log in to SSO Circle Enter your SSO circle admin user credentials and click Login.SSO_Login.png
 3 Go to the Identity Provider  In the User Profile page, click the Manage Metadata link.SSO_Login1.png
 4 Add a new service provider In the Manage your Service Provider Metadata page, click the Add new Servicee Provider link.SSO_Login2.png
 5 Enter Identity Provider Details Enter the following details to create new Identity Provider for InsideView integration:
  • Enter a name in the My Certificate Enrollment PKCS #10 field.
  • Select the FirstName, LastName and EmailAddress check boxes.
  • Paste the Metadata information that you have copied from the metadata file in the Insert your metadata information field.SSO_Login4.png
 6 Submit Click Submit.
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