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About InsideView Target

What’s New in v139?

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About InsideView Target

With InsideView TargetTM you can identify prospects faster and build precisely targeted Company and People Lists. Using insights from the InsideView database and company firmographics, job title or level, contact information (email or phone) and social insights, you can create Company and People Lists that can then be exported seamlessly into your Marketo or Eloqua marketing automation applications and Salesforce CRM with just one click. 

What's New in v139

The following new features are introduced in this release:

Newer, Better Organized InsideView Target Dashboard

The InsideView Target dashboard has been revamped to enhance user experience and navigational aspects to help you find information easily. In a widely requested update, now you can easily locate information on New Search, New Lists and Saved Lists. The following screen displays the enhanced InsideView Target dashboard and how its other components complement it: 


You perform the following tasks in the new dashboard:

  • New Search - Search for people and companies based on a new search criteria.
  • New List - Create a new list of companies using the search filters or by uploading the .xlsx, xls, or .csv file with desired company information such as company name, website URL or ID.new_list.png
  • Saved - View the list of saved searches. You can also view the saved list of companies. saved_list_search.png 

New Workflow to Create Lists

InsideView Target now allows you to create a list by entering company names that you want to add in the list. Enter a company name and select it from the search results for each one to be added or just copy and paste company names to create a new list. Make sure the company name starts in a new line when you paste them.   

For example, copy and paste the following company names and create a new list of companies:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • InsideView
  • Oracle
  • Yahoo
  • Alphabet

You can also a create a list of companies by uploading a .xlsx, .xls or .csv file with basic company information in it. You can add up to 10,000 companies in a list. 

For more information, read the article "How to Create a New List" in our Knowledge Base.

Search Using A List

InsideView Target allows you to search and filter people within the companies in your existing list. For example, if you have created a new list with three companies, you can click on the Search icon as illustrated:


In this case, you can filter the people only within the list of companies by entering the new search criteria.


Suppress Companies

InsideView Target now lets you suppress companies that you don't wish to see in the search results based on your list. You can select the companies that you want to suppress by selecting the existing list.


Support and Feedback

For technical issues, email contact support. Insideview’s Support team will contact you within a few hours to address your technical problem.

Please share your feedback and ideas with us by sending an email to or click the Feedback button on the right-hand side of this page.

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