New User Interface for Insights, powered by InsideView and InsideView Sales Enterprise (Versions 3.4 and Older): Quick Reference Instructions


This article provides instructions to understand the new user interface that is introduced in Insights, powered by InsideView and InsideView Sales Enterprise versions 3.4 and older.

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About the New Interface

Support for Insights and InsideView Sales Enterprise, versions 3.4 and older is ended from January 15th, 2019. The first phase of retiring support for these older packages is now effective.

InsideView recommends you to switch to a new user interface to take advantage of several new features, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to the latest version of Insights at this time.* The new version of Insights replaces older versions of Insights, Insights Enterprise, and InsideView Sales Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM online and on-premises. 

There’s no additional charge to upgrade to the latest version of Insights and the benefits are many:

  • It now includes all the extra features of Insights Enterprise, such as list building, more watchlists, custom news topics, Discovery Center, and more. Depending on the version of Insights or InsideView you are currently using, this can be a significant upgrade.
  • You will have no interruption in support.
  • Your data will be more secure.
  • You’ll avoid going through two transitions, first to a new user interface and later to a new version of Insights.

To upgrade now, system administrators can get the latest version of Insights at the following links:

Or simply click Update from within your Insights or InsideView Enterprise instance.

* If you are currently using a Dynamics CRM On-Premises version older than 2015, you will not be able to upgrade to the latest Insights package. Please upgrade your CRM and then install the latest Insights package.

Navigating in the New User Interface

If you do not upgrade to the latest version of Insights, you will need to follow these instructions to navigate the new user experience, which will take effect in January 2019.

These instructions apply to both Insights, powered by InsideView, and InsideView Sales Enterprise, which we will refer to collectively as “Insights” throughout the remainder of the document for simplicity.

CRM View

Within the CRM View, you will see the new user interface on the wide screen views only.  The narrow summary panel will remain unchanged. 

In the new interface, look for the tabs along the left side of the Insights frame. You can select the Overview, Company Info, People or Insights tabs. When you select the Company Info, People, or Insights tabs, submenus will appear and you will find all the information you’re familiar with, such as firmographics, industry profiles, family trees, competitors, news, blog posts, and social content.

On the overview tab, you’ll notice it is organized around functions that salespeople do every day, such as Research & Qualify, Find the Right Message, and Connect to Key Contacts.

The screenshots below show what you will see.  Notice the sub-menus highlighted with blue boxes.



Company Info






Web View

Along with the new user interface, you will have access to InsideView’s enhanced Web View, which you will access just as you have accessed the Web View in the past.    


Here’s the new look.





List Build – Not available in Insights 3.4 and below versions.

Support – No changes.

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