Managing Custom Agents


In order to deliver better search results specific to your organization, custom agents should be built with the right set of conditions and tested for effectiveness. This article provides step-by-step instructions for creating and testing custom agents, as well as an overview of custom agent conditions.

Build a custom agent

Step Description Details
 1 Go to settings From Settings, select Manage Agents.

 2 Add Custom Agent Click Add a Custom Agent link above existing custom agents region.


 3 Add Name  Enter a name for the agent in the Agent Name.
 4 Enable the Custom Agent Select the Active check box to enable the Custom Agent.


 5 Specify search conditions Specify search conditions in the Conditions field. Read the Custom Agent Conditions section for more details.
 6 Enter a keyword/phrase Enter a keyword or phrase in the Keywords.
 7 Add more conditions To add more conditions, click the Add Condition icon and repeat steps 5 and 6.


 8 Search companies Select the Narrow Search check box for results with a company name in the title (recommended).
 9 Verify the results (Optional) Click Test to review the results the Agent returns against your watchlist(s).
 10 Save Click Save.

Add Individual Companies to a Watchlist

You can simply click the company name and then click the Follow button. A list of your Watchlists will appear so you can select a Watchlist to which  you want to add the company to.

Test and Tune Custom Agents

Step Description Details
 1 Select the Test button Custom Agents have the potential to provide very meaningful insights, but also to create unwanted results or “noise”. The InsideView content team is constantly updating and refining the standard agents provided with the solution to provide only the most relevant results.  It is highly recommended that organizations adopt a similar approach when building custom agents of their own.

There are several methods for testing and tuning custom agents.  InsideView recommends using all of these to ensure that custom agents are providing relevant results:

The “Test” Button: selecting this button after creating or updating a custom agent allows you to test the agent against companies in one or all of your watchlists.

 2 Build a List  Build a List: after a new or modified custom agent is processed, it can be used as criteria in a company or contact list.  This allows you to test the agent across all companies in InsideView, not just those in your watchlists. This provides much broader results than just the “Test” button described above.
 3 Email Alerts Watchlist Email Alerts: every watchlist alert email is an opportunity to validate the effectiveness of your custom agents.  If you see too many irrelevant custom agent results in your emails, modify your conditions to narrow the results.  If you never receive custom agent results in your emails, consider loosening up the existing conditions or adding new ones to expand your results.

 Custom Agent Conditions

Condition Option When to use this option How it works

Match Any/Match All

Match Any

To expand results

For agents with multiple criteria, returns results when any of the criteria are met.


Match All

To narrow results

For agents with multiple criteria, only returns results when all of the criteria are met.


All Sources

To expand results

Returns results from both news and SEC filings.



To narrow results and improve performance

Returns results from only news sources.  Recommended option for sources unless specific information from SEC filings is required.


SEC Filings

To narrow results

Returns results from only U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings. Most useful when there is specific information within an SEC filing you want to monitor, like material events, executive changes, or legal investigations.


Title & Body

To expand results

Search the title and body of the article for the keyword.



To narrow results

Search just the title of the article for the keyword. 



To expand results

Search just the body of the article for the keyword. Best used when keywords do not appear in the title of an article.


Contains All

To narrow results

Results must include all of the keywords entered.


Contains Any

To expand results

Results include any of the keywords entered.


Exact Phrase

To narrow results

Results must include all of the keywords entered.


Doesn’t Contain

To narrow results

Excludes results that contain keywords that are irrelevant to the search.  Should only be used when “Match All” option is selected.

Narrow Search

On (selected)

To narrow results to those most relevant to the company

Searches for articles where the company name appears in the title or four (or more) times in the body of the article.



To expand results to find any mention of the company in the article

Searches for articles where the company name appears anywhere in the title or the body.

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