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InsideView displays a Setup Progress Bar in the upper right hand side of every webpage with the following information:

  • Complete Setup list: Displays links to the setup tasks we recommend you to complete so you can leverage all the key features in InsideView optimally. To view the Complete Setup list in the InsideView mash-up, move your cursor over the Setup Progress bar.

  • Setup Percentage: Depending on the setup tasks that you have completed, the progress bar displays a corresponding percentage value.

How to complete setup:

When you first log in to the InsideView application, the setup progress starts at 20%.  The value increases as you complete the steps recommended in your Complete Setup list. 

To achieve 100% Setup, complete the following three tasks:  

    1. Follow Companies: On the Complete Setup list, click Follow Companies. On the Add companies to your Watchlist page, you can search for a personalized list of companies and add them to your default InsideView watchlist. Watchlists allow you to keep track of a personalized list of companies and people to follow their news updates for relevant business opportunities. 
    2. Connect Social Media: Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to InsideView so you can view the information that your targets share on their Twitter and Facebook profiles alongside other useful information about them in InsideView. To complete this task:
      1. On the Complete Setup list, click Connect Social Media.
      2. On the Connect Your Social Media Accounts page, do the following:
      • To connect your Twitter account to InsideView, click Connect with Twitter and enter your Twitter username and password. If you do not have a Twitter account, click Sign up for Twitter to create it.  
      • To connect your Facebook account to InsideView, click the Connect with Facebook button and enter your login details. If you do not have a Facebook account, click Sign up for Facebook to create one.
      1. Go to the Work History tab and add your previous employers. 
    1. Add Connections: On your Complete Setup list, click Add Connections to open the Connection Settings page. On the Connection Settings page, you can add your LinkedIn,  Gmail, and Outlook contacts to InsideView and find referrals to a company or a specific person through them.  

Within 24 hours after your completion of all the setup tasks, the Setup Progress Bar will no longer be available.

Note that if you click on the setup list to hide it, the list will no longer appear on subsequent visits. 

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