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Since the InsideView "mashup" frame appears inline in the CRM record when you're looking at an Account, Opportunity, Contact or Lead, you can use the search function in your CRM to see rich, up-to-the-minute information on companies and people already in your CRM. 

To search for companies and people who are not yet in your CRM, go to the InsideView Web View interface. You can get to this interface by launching in your browser or by clicking on any company or person link in the InsideView's CRM View. 

When you begin typing in the  Search box, type ahead suggestions for InsideView presents a list of matching companies and people. As soon as you see what you're looking for, you can select it from the drop down list.


InsideView searches the following fields:

Company Company Name, DBA name, Aliases, City, State, Country, Region, Ticker, Company Description
People First Name, Last Name, Employers
News Title, Body

Additional Tips:

  • If there are multiple keywords in the search string, all the words in the string need to be present in the news article for it to be qualified as a search result.
  • Only news items from the last 30 days are displayed in the search results.
  • InsideView Search does not use wildcards. Instead, it uses a "fuzzy search" algorithm that automatically finds items similar to your search term.
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