Installing InsideView Sales in SugarCRM


Installing InsideView is quick and easy. Start by choosing the CRM version you are using and follow the detailed instructions below to get InsideView for SugarCRM in just minutes.

Note: If your organization restricts network access by third party applications, please ask your IT administrator to add the following IP address ranges to allow updates from InsideView:

  • to
  • to

Installing InsideView Sales in SugarCRM 8.x

To install the InsideView Sales dashlet within your SugarCRM 8.x and above, perform the following steps:

  1. Login as Sugar 8.0 Admin
  2. Click Admin drop-down in the top right corner and then select Admin. The following screen appears:
  3. Click the Module Loader link. The Module Load screen appears, as illustrated below:
  4. Click Browse, navigate to your specified downloads folder and upload the package.
  5. To upload the InsideView package, you must have the InsideView package downloaded into your hard drive.
  6. To download the package copy and paste the following URL in your browser and then go to  the section Contact Management and click InsideView Sales. Click the corresponding package per your requirement:

    InsideView package for Sugar CRM Version 8.2.0 :

    The package gets uploaded and the control returns to the following screen:

  7. Click Install, accept the Terms and Conditions, and then click Commit.
  8. After the installation is complete, click ‘Back to Module Loader’ to return to the screen from where you installed the package.
  9. As a best practice, it is recommended that you repair the setup which will rebuild the dashlet.
  10. Go to the Admin panel and click ‘Repair’ (under the Systems section), as illustrated in the figure below:
  11. From the resulting screen, click ‘Quick Repair and Rebuild’. With this step, you’re done installing the package for InsideView in SugarCRM.  

Configuring and Viewing the InsideView Dashlet

After your administrator installs the package in your CRM, you must configure the InsideView Mash-up within the application for each specific user role to access and use the InsideView application. To configure for a particular role, perform the steps illustrated below:

  1. Click Accounts in your CRM interface (or Contact/Opportunity/Leads). The following screen appears:

  2. Select a specific account (one of the accounts is illustrated in a red circle).  In the resulting screen, on the top right corner click Create under My Dashboards.
  3. Click Add a Row as illustrated in the below:

  4. Click Add a Dashlet.

  5. On the left-hand side, navigate to 'InsideView Sales', select and click Save. On the right hand side, you get to view the following screen:

  6. Enter a name for your InsideView Dashboard. Within the Dashboard, you see a message (illustrated in the above figure) and as an administrator you must click the link and validate the credentials to complete the setup.

    Note: This link is available only once to the CRM Administrator as part of initial one-time set up.

  7. Click the hyperlink in the above figure. The following screen opens:

  8. Specify your Service user name and Service user password, then click Submit. An email for verification will be sent to your email ID. Validate your credentials and refresh your CRM window to see the InsideView Mash-up page in your CRM environment.

    Note: The service user name must be a proper user name created in the CRM system -- not an email address; the Administrator’s email must be a valid email id from which you can access the email to verify your credentials.

  9. The InsideView Mash-up frame should look like what you see below:


  10. To access other tabs of InsideView such as Watchlist, Connections and Settings, click any hyperlink within the mashup to launch the InsideView application. Note that the mashup size is something that you can’t modify.

    Note: Remember to configure the dashlet for each role you have in your organization. Also note that this procedure outlines steps only for Accounts tab. You must carry out the same steps for ‘Contact/Opportunity/Lead’ separately.

Uninstalling the InsideView Sales Package

To uninstall the package, perform steps 1-3 of the installation instructions above and then continue with the process explained below:

  1. In Module Loader, click Uninstall as illustrated in the following figure:

  2. In the resulting screen click Commit. The uninstall progress bar confirms uninstallation as illustrated below:

  3. Click Back to Module Loader and then delete the InsideView package.
  4. Go back to the Admin panel and select Repair under the Systems section.
  5. Choose the Quick Repair and Rebuild option.
  6. Delete the dashlet manually by selecting and then removing it. You must manually delete all dashlets you have configured.
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