[GET] - Company Search


Use the Company Search resource to fetch a list of companies. The elements in the companies list contain an id value and enough additional information such that a user could narrow down the selection from the list. Using the selected id values you can retrieve additional company information through the Company Details endpoint.


GET https://api.insideview.com/api/v1/companies


HTTP Headers

Header Name Type Required Description
accessToken String Yes

Valid access token.
See Authentication and Authorization Overview for more details.

Accept String No Selects the response's content type.  
Valid values are application/json and application/xml (default)

Query Parameters

Parameter Name Type Required Description
name String Yes1 Company name
website String Yes1 Corporate website
ticker String Yes1 Stock market abbreviation
country String No Country name (e.g. United States, France)
state String No  
city String No  
street String No  
zip String No  
page Integer No The page number of the result-set to return.
Default: 1
resultsPerPage Integer No The number of results in a page request.
Min: 1, Max: 50, Default: 10

1: the request should include at least one of the three mandatory parameters.


HTTP 200

Returns either a JSON or XML data structure depending on the request Accept header. 

Name type Description
companies Array  Array of search results
companies > companyId Integer InsideView Company ID
companies > name String Company name
companies > city String Company address: city
companies > state String Company address: state
companies > country String Company address: country
page Integer Page number in the result set
resultsPerPage Integer Number of search result per page
totalResults Integer Total number of search results

application/json example

  "companies": [
      "id": 736233,
      "name": "Google, Inc.",
      "city": "Mountain View",
      "state": "CA",
      "country": "United States"
      "id": 2546544,
      "name": "AdMob Google Inc.",
      "city": "Mountain View",
      "state": "CA",
      "country": "United States"
      "id": 1416385,
      "name": "Google UK Limited",
      "city": "London",
      "state": "",
      "country": "United Kingdom"
      "id": 1475170,
      "name": "Google Ireland Limited",
      "city": "Dublin",
      "country": "Ireland"
      "id": 1739593,
      "name": "Google Affiliate Network Inc.",
      "city": "",
      "country": "United States"
      "id": 1750717,
      "name": "Google India Private Limited",
      "city": "Bengaluru",
      "country": "India"
      "id": 1456802,
      "name": "Google Australia Pty. Ltd.",
      "city": "Sydney",
      "state": "New South Wales",
      "country": "Australia"
      "id": 2725793,
      "name": "Google Canada Corporation",
      "city": "Halifax",
      "state": "NS",
      "country": "Canada"
      "id": 3221568,
      "name": "Google Germany GmbH",
      "city": "Hamburg",
      "country": "Germany"
      "id": 3221567,
      "name": "Google Brasil Internet Ltda.",
      "city": "Sao Paulo",
      "state": "São Paulo",
      "country": "Brazil"
  "page": 1,
  "resultsPerPage": 10,
  "totalResults": 58

application/xml example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <city>Mountain View</city>
    <country>United States</country>
    <name>Google, Inc.</name>
    <city>Mountain View</city>
    <country>United States</country>
    <name>AdMob Google Inc.</name>
    <country>United Kingdom</country>
    <name>Google UK Limited</name>
    <state />
    <name>Google Ireland Limited</name>
    <city />
    <country>United States</country>
    <name>Google Affiliate Network Inc.</name>
    <name>Google India Private Limited</name>
    <name>Google Australia Pty. Ltd.</name>
    <state>New South Wales</state>
    <name>Google Canada Corporation</name>
    <name>Google Germany GmbH</name>
    <city>Sao Paulo</city>
    <name>Google Brasil Internet Ltda.</name>
    <state>São Paulo</state>

HTTP 400

Invalid query parameter(s).

HTTP 401

Unauthorized Error - Cannot use API's without setting a valid accessToken in header.

HTTP 405

Method Not Allowed - Your are not allowed to access this API.

HTTP 429

Request is throttled.


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