[POST] - Company List


Use the Target API's Company List endpoint to build a list a companies using rich filters.

The elements in the companies list contain a newid value and enough additional information such that a user could narrow down a selection from the list. Using the selected newid values you can retrieve additional company information through the Target API's New Company Details endpoint.


POST https://api.insideview.com/api/v1/target/companies


HTTP Headers

Header Name Type Required Description
accessToken String Yes Valid access token.
See Authentication and Authorization Overview for more details.
Accept String No

Selects the response's content type.  
Valid values are application/json and application/xml (default).

Use below mentioned values to access New News Platform based search



Accept-Language String No Select the response's language and locale.
Default value: en-en
See Internationalization Support for more details.

Form Parameters

pageIntegerNoDefault: 1

Parameter Name Type Required Description
agents String No agents ID.
See API Reference data for a list of IDs.
areaCodes Integer No A comma separated list of area codes
businessTypes String No A comma separated list of business types.
Valid values are: public, private, school,government, organization
cities String No A comma separated list of cities
companyStatus String No A comma separated list of status.
Valid values are: operating, subsidiary, acquired
countries Integer No One country ID.
See API Reference data for a list of IDs.
fiscalYearEnd String No Example: january
fortuneRanking String No Valid values are: fortune500, fortune1000
industries String No A comma separated list of industries IDs.
See API Reference data for a list of IDs.
keywords String No  
companyName String No Name of the company
maxEmployees Integer No  
maxRevenue Integer No  
minEmployees Integer No  
minRevenue Integer No  
categoryIds Integer No Comma separated list of category ids
subCategoryIds Integer No
Comma separated list of sub category ids
productIds Integer No Comma separated list of product ids
naics String No

A comma separated list of NAICS codes.
List of NAICS codes.

You can enter NAICS & SIC codes in two different ways:

  • Direct code – for example, enter 511210 for Software Publishers.
  • Top Level codes – for example, enter 511* for All Publishing Industries which would include 51111 – 51119 or even 5112* which would include 511210.
newsDuration Integer No A duration in days (1-30).  Works with agents parameter.
primaryIndustryOnly String No  
primaryNAICSOnly String No  
primarySICOnly String No  
regions String No A comma separated list of regions.
Valid values are: Africa, Asia, Europe, MiddleEast, NorthAmerica, Oceania, SouthAmerica
sic String No  
street String No Street name
state String No Comma separated list of states 
subIndustries String No A comma separated list of sub-industries IDs.
See API Reference data for a list of IDs.
zipCodes String No A comma separated list of zip codes.
resultsPerPage Integer No Default: 10, maximum value: 500
sortBy String No Attributes used to sort the list of results. Valid values are: popularity, revenue, employee_count, businessType, location
sortOrder String No Valid values are asc, desc
gender String No Diversity status based on Gender
ethnicity Int No

Diversity status based on Ethnicity. Valid values are comma separated list of ethnicity ids. 

ID Values
1 Asian-Indian
2 Non-Ethnic
3 Asian-Pacific
4 Hispanic
5 African American
6 Native American
7 Asian


dbe Boolean No Diversity status based on Disadvantages Business Ent. 
wbe  Boolean No Diversity status based on Women Business Ent. 
mbe  Boolean No Diversity status based on Minority Business Ent. 
vbe  Boolean No Diversity status based on Veteran Business Ent.
disabled  Boolean No Diversity status based on Disabled Business Ent. 
lgbt Boolean No Diversity status based on Gay Lesbian business Ent. 



Here are the major responses the API may return.

for details on the errors, please refer to the API Error Codes article.

HTTP 200

Returns either a JSON or XML data structure depending on the request Accept header. 

Name type Description
companies Array Array of search results
companies > country String  
companies > employees Integer  
companies > fiscalYearEnd String  
companies > industry String  
companies > industryCode String  
companies > subIndustry String  
companies > subIndustryCode String  
companies > revenue String  
companies > revenueCurrency String  
companies > sic Integer  
companies > naics Integer  
companies > companyType String  
companies > id String New company id.  To be used with the New Company Details endpoint.
companies > city  String  
companies > companyStatus String  
companies > naicsDescription String  
companies > sicDescription String  
companies > state String  
companies > subsidiary Boolean  
companies > companyIdMd5 String MD5 hash of the record InsideView company id.  This can be used to compare with contact ids you already know of, to avoid calling the New Company Details endpoint.
companies > britishSics List  List of British SIC Codes
companies > britishSics > britishSic String British SIC code
companies > britishSics > description String  British SIC code description
companies>zip String  
page Integer Page number in the result set
resultsPerPage Integer Number of search result per page
totalResults Integer Total number of search results

application/json Example

         "country":"United States",
         "industry":"Corporate Services",
         "subIndustry":"IT Services and Consulting",
         "city":"Palo Alto",
         "naicsDescription":"Other Management Consulting Services",
         "sicDescription":"Services-Management Consulting Services",
               "description":"Other information technology service activities"
               "description":"Information technology consultancy activities"
         "country":"United States",
         "subIndustry":"Telecommunications Equipment and Services",
         "city":"Santa Clara",
         "naicsDescription":"Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing",
         "sicDescription":"Telephone & Telegraph Apparatus",
               "description":"Other telecommunications activities"

application/xml Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <country>United States</country>
      <industry>Corporate Services</industry>
      <subIndustry>IT Services and Consulting</subIndustry>
      <city>Palo Alto</city>
      <naicsDescription>Other Management Consulting Services</naicsDescription>
      <sicDescription>Services-Management Consulting Services</sicDescription>
            <description>Other information technology service activities</description>
            <description>Information technology consultancy activities</description>
      <country>United States</country>
      <subIndustry>Telecommunications Equipment and Services</subIndustry>
      <city>Santa Clara</city>
      <naicsDescription>Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing</naicsDescription>
      <sicDescription>Telephone &amp; Telegraph Apparatus</sicDescription>
            <description>Other telecommunications activities</description>

HTTP 400

Invalid query parameter(s).

HTTP 401

Unauthorized Error - Cannot use API's without setting a valid accessToken in header.

HTTP 405

Method Not Allowed - Your are not allowed to access this API.

HTTP 429

Request is throttled.

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