Last Validated Date


The Last Validated Date reflects the most recent date when an executive’s employment information was last updated or validated by InsideView. This date takes into consideration updates from multiple sources, including updates from vendor sources, updates submitted by InsideView users, and updates made by InsideView's content team.

The various sources that can affect an executive’s employment information are as follows:


Data Changes



Changes in any data field in the employment information for an executive.

Changes in any data field in the employment information for an executive.


Changes in any data field in the employment information for an executive.

Changes in title, contact information, status or a new employment record added by Insideview users.


Updates in executive’s employment information found on the Reuters contact profile feeds.

Changes in the executive contact information found in the profile feed.

To maintain relevancy and accuracy, the Last Validated Date changes in the following scenarios:

  • The executive’s employment changes, and one of our sources notifies InsideView of that change. When an executive has moved to a new job or the title has changed, then InsideView publishes the Last Validated Date as when the record is updated.
  • InsideView’s proprietary technology performs a routine check and validates that executive’s employment has not changed. For example, if the person is in the same position for five years, then his or her record should be the same today as it was five years ago.  InsideView’s technology checks this employment record periodically, and even if the record has not changed, InsideView publishes the date when the record was checked and verified as accurate in the Last Validated Date region as shown below:

Note: The Last Validated Date is also found in the People List export file (data.csv).

InsideView provides users the ability to submit real-time data changes, in order to maintain the highest level of data accuracy. The Last Validated Date is updated whenever an executive’s employment information is changed using following options in the InsideView dashboard:

  • Wrong Info? – InsideView users can flag the incorrect information using the Wrong Info? icon. In this case, the Last Validated Date is not updated right away. The Wrong Info? form generates a content update request, which is considered and verified by InsideView’s content team. If the executive information is found to be wrong, then the Last Validated Date is updated as soon as the content team updates the record with the correct information when the validation process is complete. Otherwise, the Last Validated Date remains as is. For more information, read Reporting Wrong Company or Person Information and What Process is Followed When Wrong Info is Flagged? articles.
  • Add A Person – InsideView allows users to add a person who aren’t in the InsideView’s database as private contacts using the Add Person button or icon. When a user adds any new contact, InsideView matches the new entry within the database to determine whether a record for that contact already exists. If a matching record does exist, InsideView does not create a new record and the Last Validated Date remains unchanged. If InsideView does not find a prospective match, the new contact is added and the Last Validated Date is the date when an InsideView user adds this new person in the database. For more information, read How to add a person’s record to Insideview? article.
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