The InsideView Sales Workflow


What is InsideView Sales?

Whatever your sales role—Inbound Sales Development, Outbound Sales Development, Account Executive, or Account ManagementInsideView Sales provides you with the information you need to be more successful.

The information in InsideView Sales is managed by the InsideView Market Intelligence Platform which works in the background 24/7 using artificial intelligence technology to find new information, triangulate across sources, and update information based on the best source available for each type of data. The result is the freshest, most complete, and most accurate data set in the industry.

The information provided by InsideView Sales includes

The InsideView Sales Workflow

The way you use InsideView Sales will vary depending on your role and the parts of the sales funnel that apply to you. There are InsideView Sales features to help with all five critical stages of a successful sales workflow.

For more information on how to use InsideView Sales at each stage of the funnel, click the stage name below:

  1. Find and screen leads for “fit”.
  2. Prioritize leads based on potential and how quickly they are likely to close.
  3. Prepare a tailored pitch based on what’s happening right now in your buyer's world.
  4. Connect using a warm introduction or a conversation starter.
  5. Retain and grow an account by monitoring for changes and expanding points of contact.
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