Step 3: Prepare


What’s going on?

Nothing impresses a decision-maker more than a sales rep who has done his or her homework.  It’s not only a time saver for the buyer, who doesn’t have to educate the sales rep about the company’s needs, it also suggests a vendor willing to invest in the effort to be a partner. 

If you’ve used Insights to prioritize your leads, you already have a head start on knowing what’s going on in the account. In addition to Insights, there are a number of other places to look in InsideView to get useful background information on both companies and individuals.

Behind the Tabs

People Tab

If you’re not yet sure you have the right decision-maker or champion, this is the place to look. Find leaders by job title, level, or functional area. Plus, you'll see right away who you’re connected to.

Click a name to see a complete profile of the individual—including education, prior jobs, news mentions, and social media posts.

Buzz Tab

There’s no better way to know what’s on in the mind of buyers than social media. Check posts from the company and posts from others about the company. Click to follow the company on Twitter or Facebook. Check out company blogs. You can even see click trends on the company’s web site with Site Analytics.

Family Tree

Discover subsidiaries, acquisitions, international divisions, and a host of other corporate relationships.


Find other companies in the same industry. Checking out competitors can help you understand where your target company fits in the industry. Is your prospect the 900 lb. gorilla in its space or is it an up-and-coming challenger? Are any of their competitors reference customers? Showing previous success in your prospect’s industry can be persuasive.

Also, don’t forget the Competitors Tab as a prospecting tool.  If your target is a good fit for what you sell, its competitors might also be good prospects.


Who doesn’t want more? Read all the latest news for a company. See what type of people they’re hiring and where. Check out their latest financials.  And get a quick snapshot of their industry with Industry Profiles—with common challenges, trends, call prep questions, and a quick view of the size and structure of the industry.

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