What's the Value of an InsideView Account Management License?


InsideView for Account Management™ is an account management solution that provides real-time information about organizational changes, key business events, news, professional connections, and social activity. With InsideView for Account Management™, you get the information that you need to proactively manage accounts and maximize revenue from each one.

As a rep in an account management role, Retaining and growing your existing customers is critical to your revenue goals and it is imperative for you to stay informed about changes across your customer-base.  InsideView for Account Management™ helps you do that with Watchlists and Alerts that deliver detailed Insights to your email inbox and your CRM every day. This enables you to respond quickly to business changes and focus on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that will increase revenue. 

Loss of a sponsor or key decision maker is one of the biggest contributors to account churn. InsideView for Account Management™ has an additional agent (a subset of News results within Leadership Changes) that triggers people changes and helps you maintain and enhance your relationships.  With InsideView’s People Updates, you are alerted when a decision-maker or a sponsor change is detected so that you can react quickly to maintain account relationships.

The Account Management license is also differentiated by its fifteen additional Watchlists. With a total of twenty Watchlists, you have flexibility in how you manage your list of accounts.  You can follow multiples of contacts within a ‘key’ account and segment your Watchlist by geography, renewal date, or other segmentation.

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