What you can do with Agents, Watchlists and Alerts


InsideView Sales® lets you search for the most recent company news, leadership changes or updates to an executive’s profile with default Standard Agents, user-defined Custom Agents, and Enterprise Agents. These agents help you in identifying conversation starters with the latest news trending on social media.

Watchlists enable you to follow companies and/or contacts for relevant business opportunities. Agents are used by Frequently Viewed Watchlists, user-defined Static Watchlists, and Automated Watchlists to retrieve the latest news for a company or a contact you are following. 

Note: Automated Watchlists are available only to Salesforce users with InsideView’s Account Management, Enterprise or Target license.

To stay on top of key events of your business prospects, you can set Email Alerts to receive notifications on a daily or a weekly basis with related news for your Watchlists.

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