Managing Your Email Alert Settings


InsideView sends you regular email alerts with news updates for companies on your Watchlists. By default, you will receive a daily summary email. However, you can change the frequency of the email or stop receiving it. 

Change Email Alert Settings

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the Watchlist screen Open InsideView CRM View and then click Manage Watchlist.



Click the Manage Watchlists link in the InsideView Web View interface.


 2 Pick the Watchlist On the Watchlists page, point to the Watchlists tab and select the Watchlist you want to modify.  
 3 Go to Alerts Click Alerts.

 4 Select the Frequency Under the Alert Me region, select the frequency as Daily, Weekly or Never (off). The Never(off) option will turn off email alert notifications for Watchlists.
 5 Select the Email type In the Email Type region, select the type of news either as All News or Summary.
 6 Select the Email format In the Email Format region, select your preferred email format either as HTML or Plain Text.
 7 Close Click Close.
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