About Watchlists


Watchlists allow you to keep track of a personalized list of companies and people to follow their news updates for relevant business opportunities.

Watchlists use agents to gather news from various information sources including social media and traditional editorials. Once a company is added to your Watchlist, you can view its recent agent results in the Activity Stream and/or receive them by email.

Why You Need Watchlists

The easiest and most productive way for you to stay on top of everything about groups of companies and people you want to follow for relevant news, current events and social media posts is to create Watchlists.

Set up a Watchlist for companies that you want to follow on InsideView. For more information, read the instructions to do so in the article Managing Watchlists on our Knowledge Base. 


Watchlist Types

InsideView offers three types of Watchlists:

  • Frequently Viewed: Automatically tracks the companies or people you view most frequently. You can modify the frequency rules for this Watchlist.
  • Static Watchlist: You can manually create and add companies and/or people to this Watchlist. 
  • Automated Watchlist: Automatically track companies based on the criteria you specify (e.g. "All Accounts I Own", "All Open Opportunities I Own" "Custom Criteria"). Automated Watchlists are available only to Salesforce users with InsideView’s Account Management, Enterprise or Target license.

Watchlists Limits by License Type

The number of Watchlists you can create and the number of People or Companies you can add to a Watchlist depends on the InsideView's license that you have purchased: 

License Type Number of Watchlists Number of People or Companies
Free 1 Frequently Viewed and 1 Static Up to 10 people or companies
Account Management 1 Frequently Viewed and 20 Static Up to 4000 people or companies
Enterprise 1 Frequently Viewed and 5 Static Up to 1000 people or companies
PRO 1 Frequently Viewed and 1 Static Up to 200 people or companies
Professional 1 Frequently Viewed and 1 Static Up to 200 people/companies
Target 1 Frequently Viewed and 5 Static Up to 1000 people or companies

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