How to Create an Automated Watchlist


Important: Automated Watchlists are available to Salesforce users with InsideView Account ManagementEnterprise and Target license types only.

Create an Automatic Watchlist

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the Watchlist Screen Open InsideView CRM View and then click Manage Watchlist.



Click the Manage Watchlists tab in the InsideView Web View interface.


 2 Add a new Watchlist On the Watchlists page, point to Watchlists tab and select Add New Watchlist. You can also add a new watchlist by clicking the    icon below the tab.
 3 Select the Watchlist type On the Add Watchlist dialog, click Automated CRM Watchlist.

 4 Provide the details On the Automated CRM Watchlist Details window, enter your Salesforce CRM username and password and click Next.

Fill-in the Watchlist details

Enter a name for your Watchlist, select an Account Criteria, and specify your preferences.

 6 Select the custom criteria

Select the Custom Criteria option to define a customized Automated Watchlist for your specific business requirement.

For example, to import all company accounts or opportunities from Beijing city that are routed to Brittiny Yuloo, define your preferences as illustrated in the screen below with Field, Operator, and Value fields:

 7 Save Click Save.
 8 Review the matches Once the companies have been imported, you will be prompted to resolve matches for companies that weren't found in InsideView. Click Review matches to resolve these.

 9 Find the unmatched Companies In the Unmatched list, click Find Company to find a match for the company in InsideView.
 10 Change the Matching Company  
On the Change Matching Company page, search for the company. 

 11 Select the right Company  
From the results, click on the right company name to select it.
 12 Save the Watchlist  
Click Save to save the resolved matches.
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