How to Create a Geographic Territory


A Geographic Territory allows you to define a reusable, custom geographic filter to use when building Lists in InsideView Sales. You can define your geographic territory by any combination of states/regions, postal codes and area codes (options vary depending on which country you choose).

You can create a Geographic Territory from either the Company List or People List tab in InsideView.

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the List Building page

Go to InsideView CRM View and then click Build a List.



In the InsideView Web View interface, click the Build a List link


 2 Add a new Geographic Territory

On the Build a List page, under Location, click New Geographic Territory.

 3 Name the new Geographic Territory

On the Geographic Territory page, in the Name box, enter a name for your custom geographic territory. 


 4 Select the country Click the name of the country to which the geographic territory you are creating belongs: USACanada or UK & Ireland
 5 Select the region Click a region on the map to add it to your territory. You can also add zip/postal codes or area codes of the regions you want to include in your territory.
 6 Unselect the unwanted regions To remove a region from the selection, click the name of the region in the Selected Areas box and click Remove.
 7 Save Click Save.

The geographic territory you create is updated in the Location list, on the Build a List page.

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