How to Map Custom Fields (Sync)


The Map Fields option is available when you access InsideView through, SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) Sugar or Oracle NetSuite CRMs. Mapping InsideView fields to your CRM's custom fields allows you to sync the relevant data to these fields.

Step Description Details
 1 Open the Company or Contact Details Click on the company or contact name on the InsideView window in your CRM. The Company or Contact Details page opens in a new window.  
 2 Open the Account Admin page Click on Admin in the global menu of InsideView to open the Account Admin page.


 3 Go to Map Fields On the Account Admin page, click on Map Fields.

 4 Log in  If you are prompted to login, enter your CRM username, password and other details to continue. 
 5 Map the desired Fields into the Custom Field The Map Fields page displays all InsideView fields available under Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.

Click Search against the relevant InsideView field you want to map to your CRM custom field.


In the CRM Fields prompt, browse through the list of fields or search by name.  

 6 Pick the correct Custom Field Click on the correct custom field name in the list to select and map it to the InsideView field.
7 Save the Fields  Once you have mapped all your CRM custom fields to InsideView fields, click Save


Note: The custom field mapping feature is also available for Microsoft Online Dynamics CRM. It is available for Account, Contact and Lead objects in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For detailed information on this feature, read the article Microsoft Dynamics Custom Field Mapping in our Knowledge Base.

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