How Do I Enable and Use the Multi Update Feature?


This article explains you how you can update multiple executive records at the same time. 

Note: Multi Update is available only for Salesforce and SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) CRM users who have an InsideView Sales Enterprise and Account Management license type. 


Step Description Details
1 Logging In Log in to your CRM and access the account in your InsideView mash up.
2 Access People Tab in InsideView  Check the InsideView section of the page and select the People tab.   

3 Enable Multi Update

To enable the Multi-Update feature, select any check box to filter executive search under Job Functions or perform a keyword search by name of any executive or title as illustrated in the above screen:

4 Using Multi Sync  Click Multi Update link. The following screen appears:

Important: In SAP C4C, the Multi Update feature can be used only to Sync as Contacts as illustrated below:

5 Resolve Duplicates Select the executive contacts you want to sync and click Sync as Contacts or Sync as Leads based on your requirements. If you have any duplicate executive contacts to resolve, the following screen allows you to resolve duplicates.

Select an option and click Next.

6 Complete Multi Update task The following two screens appear if you do not have duplicate matches to resolve:

Click Next to go to the following screen:

Note: The Multi Update feature shows the mandatory custom picklists that you have defined for your organization. Choose the appropriate values for your custom picklists as per your organization's business requirement.

Select the appropriate values in the 'Mailing Country Code' and 'Mailing State Province Code' custom fields and click Done.

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