Configuring InsideView in Page Layouts and the Custom Tab in Salesforce Classic Edition


This set of instructions is for all users who are installing the InsideView package for the first time. You can enable InsideView Sales in Salesforce classic edition using any one of the following procedures:

Add the InsideView app in Accounts, Leads, Contacts, and Opportunity objects.

Configuring InsideView CRM View in Page Layout

The following instructions describe how to add InsideView in the Account object. To learn how to install InsideView Sales, click here.

Step Description Details
 1 Customize Under Build, click Customize.

 2 Go to the Page Layout Click Accounts to add InsideView in Accounts and click Page Layouts. 


 3 Edit an account page layout In the Account Page Layout, select the page layout that you wish to edit. For example, click the edit link for the Account Layout as shown below:


 4 Add section  Under Account Layout, click Section and drag and drop it under Account Detail.

 5 Enter Section Properties In the Section Properties dialog box, do the following:

- In the Section Name box, type InsideView.
- Under Layout select 1-Column.

Click OK.

 6 Drag the InsideView connector Select Visualforce Pages under Account Layout, click InsideView Account Connector, drag and drop it in the InsideView section you created.


 7 Go to Properties In the InsideView Account Connector section, click Properties.


 8 Change the Connected App Properties In the Connect App Properties dialog, change Height (in pixels) to 400 and click OK.


 9 Save the changes and repeat steps Click Save to save the updated page layout.

Repeat steps 2 - 8 to add InsideView to Leads, Opportunities, and Contacts objects.
 10 Install SFDC Home Page components Click Here to install optional Salesforce Home Page components.

Configuring the InsideView Custom Tab in the Navigation Bar

To add the InsideView custom tab to your Salesforce navigation bar, follow these steps:

Step Description Details
1 Customize the navigation bar

To access InsideView directly within Salesforce:

  • Click on the + icon in the navigation bar
  • Click the InsideView (Classic) link in All Tabs as shown below:


  • InsideView CRM view opens within Salesforce as show below:



Click on the + icon in the navigation bar and then click Customize My Tabs.

2 Add InsideView tab Select the InsideView (Classic) tab from the Available Tabs list and click Add.


Use the Up and Down buttons to place the InsideView (Classic) custom tab in your preferred location. Click Save.

3 Access InsideView custom tab Once the process is completed, you can see the InsideView (Classic) custom tab on the navigation bar.



 4 Enable the Custom tab from the Profiles When the Custom Tab is marked as hidden for your Salesforce Profile, follow these steps to enable it:
  • Log in to Salesforce CRM with your user profile credentials.
  • Go to the Profiles page.profile_page.png

  • Scroll down to verify the InsideView (Classic) in the Custom Tab Settings.custom_tab_hidden_classic.png
  • If the Custom Tab Settings is hidden, click Edit and change the InsideView (Classic) setting to Default On as illustrated.custom_tab_on_classic.png
  • Click Save.
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