Defining Lead Source Field for Leads and Contacts


This article explains how to define the Lead source field for Leads and Contacts as part of Salesforce installation. The next part of the article outlines the process of defining the leads and contacts. 

Note: This article is an extension to the article Installing InsideView in Step-by-Step wherein you will come across a procedure to define the Lead source field. 

 1 Log in Login to your salesforce application. 
 2 Go to Set up Click setup as shown in the following screen:


 3 Go to Fields In the resultant screen, click Build. Then click Leads. Click Fields. This is illustrated in the following screen:


 4 Go to Lead Source  The following screen appears:

In the above screen click Lead Source, highlighted in a red circle.  

 5 Create a New Lead Source  In the Lead Source Picklist Values, click New to create a new Lead Source.
 6 Save the lead source On the Lead Source page, type in InsideView in the text box (case–sensitive) and click Save. The Lead Source is added to the list.
 7 Repeat the steps  Repeat these steps to add Lead Source field for Contacts.
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