"Ran Out of Your Monthly Credits" Error



“You ran out of your monthly credits for this feature."

You see this error when you attempt to export more than the number of contact or company records your InsideView license allows per month. 


PRO license: 100 Contacts and 100 Companies can be exported per user, per month.

ENTERPRISE license: 500 Contacts and 500 Companies can be exported per user, per month. If you do not use the allocated quota for a particular month, the balance gets rolled over to the following month. There is, however, no upper limit in accumulating your unused balance. The maximum number of your accumulated exports that can be exported is 2000 per transaction. 

This limit gets refreshed every month, and your leftover credits from the current month are carried forward. Your “month” would depend on the date on which you registered with us. If you’re not sure of this date, reach out to us. To resolve this error, try exporting fewer records at a time.

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