Enabling Wider InsideView Sales 3.4 User Interface in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Legacy)


Sometimes the InsideView Sales user interface appears narrow in your CRM based on the settings preferences. You can easily revert to a wider user interface by performing a series of simple steps outlined below. These steps work for InsideView solution package 3.4 only. 

You must edit the main entity form on which you have the narrow connector and wide connector.

Step Description Details
 1 Open the Entity Main form. Go to Settings > Customization > Customize the System > Entities > Account > Form and select the Entity Main form.

The following screen appears:


 2 Remove the iv_connector_narrow   Select the iv_connector_narrow and click Remove as shown in the above screen. 
 3 Change the Properties Navigate to the Insights connector by scrolling down, select iv_connector frame as illustrated in the below screen and click Change Properties:

The following screen appears: 

 4 Modify the text You see the following text: ‘solutionVersion=3.4&crm_version=v102&form_name=main’ in ‘Custom Parameter (data)’. This needs to be modified to: ‘solutionVersion=3.4&crm_version=v102’, as illustrated in the above screen.
 5 Close Click OK to close.
 6 Go to Tab Properties

Select the Tab called Insights and double click in the Tab area to bring up the Tab properties window.

 7 Select the “Visible by default” check-box Select Visible by default check-box as shown in the above screen.
 8 Save and Publish Click Save and then click Publish.
 9 Navigate  Now navigate and view the wider user interface.

Repeat the steps outlined above for all entities like Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Lead

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