Installing InsideView Sales 3.4 in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premise (Legacy)


Note: Please refer to Admin Notes before you begin INSTALLING InsideView. Deploying InsideView sales intelligence to your Account, Lead, Contact, and Opportunity page-views is quick and easy.

Follow the instructions outlined below to deploy the InsideView Solution bundle to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 instance in just minutes. If you wish to install Microsoft Dynamics for a different version like 2015 or 2016, refer to the article Installing Insights Enterprise 4.1 in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and 2016 On-Premises on our Knowledge Base.

Installing InsideView

Step Description Details
 1 Download the file To begin, download InsideView Package for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
 2 Log in as Administrator Log into CRM as an Administrator (specifically with “System Customizer” role).
 3 Go to Solutions Navigate to Setting -> Customization -> Solutions 

 4  Import and select the file Click Import to browse your local computer and select the ZIP file.

 5 Complete the Installation  Follow the instructions and the system prompts to complete the install.

 6 Navigate to any Account Navigate to any Account, Lead or Contact or Opportunity to view the InsideView mash-up. That’s it!


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