Understanding the Monthly Activity Report



The Monthly Activity Report is sent every month to Account Administrators who have opted to receive this report. It provides information on how your company is using InsideView. Using this report, you can check how to improve usage and get more out of InsideView. To receive this report, account administrators must contact the InsideView's Technical Support team and request them to enable this feature.

A typical usage report looks like this:


Legend: Monthly Activity Report

The following table provides information on how to interpret the icons used in this report.



Link to a related help article

Link to send an email to your CSM

Indicates low usage on the usage bar

Indicates medium usage on the usage bar

Indicates good usage on the usage bar

Monthly Activity Report Description

The usage report comprises the following sections:

Displays your CSM's contact details and the period for which this usage report has been generated. You can send an email to your CSM directly from here.



Displays the following InsideView usage statistics:

  • Number of users who are actively using InsideView. You can contact your CSM to arrange for a training to ensure 100% usage.
  • Number of allocated and unallocated licenses.

This information can help you understand how InsideView is being used in your organization.

Company and People Insights

Displays the following information:

  1. Number of users that have set up Company and People Watchlists.
  2. Total number of companies and people your team is following
  3. Number of Company and People Watchlist alerts that have been sent from InsideView.

Using this information, you can understand which features have been set up and are applied most. The quick links enable you to mail the set-up instructions to users and help them understand how best they can use these features.

Connections and Referrals

Displays how many users have set up their connections, and if you have an Enterprise license, how many connections are available to all users in your organization.

Setting up connections helps your users to find connections and get referrals to key people in your target accounts.

You can use this information to determine how effectively this feature is being used. You can also send the set up instructions to users by email directly from here.


Displays how many exports and features have been used by active users in your organization. In addition, you can also see how many Company and People details have been viewed. 

Using this information, you can identify what key features in InsideView are being used most.

Completing the setup helps you get more out of all the features in InsideView.

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