2013/15/16 : Installing Insights, Powered by InsideView from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portal


Note: InsideView for Sales (InsideView) and Insights, powered by InsideView for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Insights) are two separate products built upon the InsideView Market Intelligence Platform. In some cases, an organization may have both InsideView and/or Insights, powered by InsideView available to users. The installation steps listed below apply to both products.

Insights, powered by InsideView for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online helps you find more leads, win more deals and grow and retain your accounts. Insights infuses your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system with essential company and contact data, business insights and selling triggers, and an extensive connections network. This information is constantly updated from 40,000 financial, media, and social sources and validated with data science technology to ensure you have the most accurate, validated, and complete data set.

Effective November, 2016, installing Insights, powered by InsideView can be done through Microsoft's AppSource Marketplace portal. 

Installing Insights 3.4 from Microsoft Office Portal

1. Sign in to https://portal.office.com with your Global administrator or CRM System Administrator credentials.

2. Choose Admin > CRM.

3. On the Manage all CRM Online instances page, select the instance to add the solution.

4. Click Solutions.

5. Select InsideView and click Install.

Note: If you are an Insights user, you will also need to select the "InsideView" option.

6. Accept the Terms of Service.  

7. The status for the solution will change to Installation pending.

8. When the installation is complete, the status for the solution changes will change to Installed.


Upgrading from an Older Insights Version to the Latest One

Customers using Insights 3.4 and 4.0 version can upgrade to latest Insights 4.0.1 solution package. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to https://portal.office.com with your Office 365 global administrator credentials.
  2. Once the user logs in to the CRM, when you open an account, a contact, a lead or an opportunity form the following alert with the Update link appears asking you to upgrade to latest Insights package.

  3. Click Update to upgrade to the latest Insights solution package.

    Note: The following upgrade messages are visible when you open an Account, a Contact, a Lead or an Opportunity object in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


  4. Click the Update link to install to the latest Insights solution from Insights, powered by InsideView page.
  5. On the AppSource page, select the Insights, powered by InsideView 4.0.1 package and then click GET IT NOW.  
  6. When prompted, enter your user credentials and click Sign In.

  7. On the Insights page, click Continue to open the Terms of Use page. 

  8. On the Terms of Use page, select the Agree to Microsoft’s Legal Terms and Privacy Statement and Agree to Privacy Statement and Legal Terms for importing solutions into Dynamics 365 check boxes and click Agree.

  9. Verify the status for the Insights, powered by InsideView solution is now  Installation pending, which indicates the installation has started.


  10. Once the installation is complete, the status for the Insights, powered by InsideView solution changes to Installed, indicating that installation was successful.

For more information on Insights, see:

Note: You may find logging in issues if the following sites are not added to your trusted sites list in your browser - *.insideview.com, login.windows.net and login.microsoftonline.com. 

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