How to Build a List of People for a Specific Company


Create a list of employees with a certain job function at a single company of interest or for every company on a Watchlist.

To build a people list for a specific company:

Step Description Details

Go to the List Building page

Go to InsideView CRM View and then click Build a List.



In the InsideView Web View interface, click the Build a List link.


 2 Select the Job Function and Level

In the People tab, select any Job Function and Level as Vice President (VP) for example.


Note: You can select any job function or job level to build a list for a specific company.  

 3 Select the Business Type

Select Specific Company from the Business Type drop-down menu.

Note: If you want to build a people list for all companies in your watchlist, select All Watchlist Companies from the Business Type drop-down menu.

 4 Enter the Company Name Enter a company name, such as Microsoft.
 5 Search for People

Click Search.


In this example, the People search shows all Vice Presidents for Marketing at Microsoft as illustrated below:


 6 Save the Search

If you want to save your search criteria, click Save Search and then enter a name for the criteria to save it for future reference.


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