Understanding the Build a List Feature


The Build a List feature, also known as InsideView Lists, allows you to identify companies or people that match a particular set of search criteria for business dealings.

You can use the following search criteria to build a list of companies or people for identifying business opportunities:

  • Location – the geographic territory/location for companies that you want to target. For instance, create your own territory to build a list of ideal companies or people in a specific location. See the article How to Create a Geographic Territory on our Knowledge Base for more information.
  • Size – the number of employees (company size) and revenue in USD. For example, search for a list of companies’ worth of 5 million US dollars revenue per annum.
  • Industry – the industries and sub-industries a company belongs to, as well as its NAICS and SIC classifications. You can also search within InsideView’s proprietary classifications of 30 different global standard industries and 708 associated sub-industries. See our article on the Difference Between the Primary versus Secondary Industry Classification on our Knowledge Base for more information.
  • Business Type – the business type of a company, company status, ranking, and financial year end (FYE) month for a public company. For instance, you can select any one of these business types for a company: Public, Private, School, Government, or All.

    Note: To create a People List for a specific company or for every company on a Watchlist, use the Business Type dropdown on the People List tab.


  • News – the Smart Agents to search within news articles, press releases, SEC filings or keywords. For example, select the “Expanding Operations” Smart Agent to filter the list of companies that have been in the news in the last 30 days because they are expanding operations.
  • Connections – the type of social media connections to build a list of prospects. For instance, you can build a list made up of companies whose employees include only People you know, or you can filter the list to show only companies where you have a Connection in InsideView.
  • Others – the option to include additional information in search results.

In order to build a list, simply fill out the form with the information you'd like to match and search. 

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