InsideView for Sales Release Notes v110 (20-Jun-2015)



About InsideView for Sales

What’s New in v110?

Support and Feedback 

About InsideView for Sales

InsideView for Sales offers the most accurate and complete market intelligence that powers productivity across the enterprise. Up-to-the-minute intelligence from over 30,000 sources is delivered into your business workflow through various InsideView CRM integrations. The Insideview for Sales product suite also includes:  

  • InsideView Mobile™ – Provides market intelligence on your mobile device making it easy to access on the go.
  • InsideView for Account Management™ – Provides leadership change updates and market intelligence to keep you informed about important activities across your accounts and arms you with insights to retain and grow them.

What's New in v110

Click the following links to browse through the feature updates and enhancements in the respective products:

New Features in InsideView for Sales

Introducing New License Type - FreeEssential

Starting this release, InsideView for Sales will be available in two new license types - Free and Essential

InsideView Free offers a taste of our market intelligence in a standalone environment. Free replaces InsideView Basic, with similar functionality – except, Free is not available as a CRM embedded product. At this level, you’re able to see simple company and contact information, view your personal connections, and track up to 10 companies using our Watchlists.

InsideView Essential adds integration with your CRM system, the ability to track up to 50 companies with Watchlists, and includes access to training and support. For less than a dollar a day, the CRM integration adds immense time savings. It reduces research time and eliminates manual data transfers by pushing market intelligence directly into your CRM. And the extra Watchlists ensure that you’re always informed about the key companies and contacts you care about.

Note: The existing InsideView Basic license type is no longer available.  

New Features in InsideView Mobile

News Feed Feature Spruced Up 

The News Feed feature is spruced up to gather content instantly and display the updated news on your InsideView Mobile app. The feature is built to fetch news most relevant to you and display the newer ones. A bubble and badge notification will be shown to indicate availability of most recent news.   

New Features in InsideView for Account Management

There are no feature updates and bug fixes in this release. 

Support and Feedback

For technical issues, email contact support. Insideview’s Support team will contact you within a few hours to address your technical problem

Please share your feedback and ideas with us by sending an email to or click the Feedback button on the right-hand side of this page.

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