Connections and Privacy


InsideView for Sales was designed with privacy concerns in mind. Gmail, LinkedIn and Outlook are used as ‘sources’ to build your Connections. This means, InsideView does not harvest any data from these websites to enrich the lead or add your private contacts to the InsideView database. Instead, when you add your contacts from LinkedIn, Gmail or Outlook to build Connections, InsideView for Sales searches for their records in its database.

If any of the contacts you add do not exist in the InsideView for Sales database, they become your private connections. Your private connections are not added to the InsideView for Sales database and cannot be accessed by anyone outside your organization at any time. Your team members can view the names and titles of your private connections on the People tab of the companies that they work for, but cannot access the contact details.


  • The names of your Private Connections will be in gray font and not linked to any person detail page.
  • Contact details of Private Connections are only visible to you.
  • Only you can add the person to the database.

Note: Once you add a Private Connection to the database, that contact will be available to all InsideView for Sales users. It will also link to a person detail page.

  • You and your team can view private connections in the people tab of their company they get matched to.
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