Configuring Search InsideView in Salesforce Home Page Components


Once you have added the InsideView app to each object in Salesforce, do the following to complete your installation. 


Step Description Details
1 Go to Home Page Layout

In the navigation menu, under BuildCustomize click Home and select Home Page Layouts


2 Go to Edit On the Home Page Layout, click Edit.


3 Edit Home Page In the below screen, click Edit.

4 Add Search InsideView On Edit Home Layout below, deselect Search SalesView and select Search InsideView. Click Next. Selecting Opportunity Alerts is optional. 


Click Save.

Note: If you don't see the sidebar, you must configure this setting in your Salesforce by selecting the Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages check box.  

 5 Remove Search InsideView  If there are multiple layouts present, select the layout that contains the search box. If there is a single layout, then click Edit:



Deselect the Search InsideView check box from the Select Narrow Components to Show section.


 6 Save Click Next and then Save.
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