How Do I Find the Right Company?


At times, when using InsideView in your CRM, the correct match for a company may not be returned. This article explains how the InsideView for Sales algorithm works and outlines the steps to find a specific company.

When you perform a company search and there are multiple close matches for a particular CRM record, InsideView loads the one that's most popular among its users. This may not be the company that you're looking for. For instance, if you are looking for Monarch Industries Limited, but the CRM record only says Monarch, InsideView will match to Monarch Airlines because of multiple close matches, as illustrated below:

To locate Monarch Industries Limited:

 1 Click more results.  Find more results link in the screen and click it. Scroll further down in the results, find the right match and select it.

Mapping a company for default record in your CRM

You can also map a company to be the default record in your CRM. Let's say you are searching for a company called Granite Telecom and your CRM returns the company below:

This company was returned in the search because one of the users in your CRM selected this company as a match for Granite Telecom.

To choose the correct company, click  Not the right company. The following screen appears:

 1 Click Not the right company? The following screen appears:

 2 Select the correct match Select the correct match for Granite Communications. All future searches will return what you have selected, unless someone selects a different match using Not the right company? feature. 
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