Reviewing Updates in InsideView Refresh


This article provides detailed instructions about how to review updates from InsideView Refresh based on field mapping settings that you define while creating a filter. 

Note: When you accept an update from the InsideView Refresh dashboard, the data is synced into your Salesforce CRM and you will no longer see that update on the dashboard. If you reject an update, it will also be removed from the dashboard.

Step Description Details
 1 Open Review Matches page Log in to InsideView Refresh instance and click on any field in the Total Updates region to open the Review Updates page..


The Review Updates page appears.

2 Search for an update On the Review Updates, use the Search field to filter the updates.

3 Accept updates To approve all updates to be pushed into your Salesforce CRM, click Accept All.

To approve updates individually, select the check box on the left to the corresponding update(s) and click Accept.

4 Push updates When you click Accept All or Accept, the Push Updates pop-up dialog appears.

  • Click Push Updates Now to update records in your Salesforce CRM immediately. 
  • Click Push Updates Later to run updates at the scheduled date and time that you have defined while creating the filter.

Note: You will receive an email when InsideView Refresh has some updates to review.

5 Reject updates To reject updates being pushed into your CRM, click the check box to the left of the corresponding update(s) and click Reject.


When you click Reject, the update(s) are removed and you will no longer see that update(s) on the dashboard.

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