Building a List of People from a Watchlist


InsideView Sales enables you to create a list of contacts using the companies you are already following on a Watchlist. The steps are:  

  1. Setup a Watchlist
  2. Build a List
  3. Export Contacts

The next section describes each step in detail.  

Set up a Watchlist

First, set up a Watchlist of the companies from which you want to create a list of contacts. A simple way to do this is to copy the companies from a column on a spreadsheet, then paste them into the Watchlist. Refer to the Managing Watchlists article for more information on how to set up your Watchlist. Managing Watchlists . 

Build a List

Click Build a List, then select People List. The following screen appears:

2. Click People List to go to the following screen:

In the Business Type section, select the Watchlist you want to use to create your contact list.

Note: You can also sort your contacts by the job function or level to build a list of contacts from your Watchlist, as illustrated in the above screen (see the red circled highlight on top of the above screen). To filter your contacts further, you must specify your filter criteria immediately after you select the Watchlist in the Business Type section. 

When you’ve specified your criteria in the Business Type and People sections, click Search.



Export Contacts

You can modify your search criteria by selecting Modify Criteria. When you’ve completed your modifications, click the Export button to export the contacts to an MS-Excel file. You may also click Save Search to save your search criteria, so that you can run this search again in the future.


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