How to Save a Search in InsideView Target


InsideView Target allows you to save the search criteria with a unique name so that you can use the same criteria for future searches.


To save a search, you must first build a list of companies or people. For more information, read the articles How to Build a People List in InsideView Target and How to Build a Company List in InsideView Target in our Knowledge Base.

Step Description Details
1 Save search criteria On the Results page, click Save Search.

Note: You can toggle between company and people list to filter the respective lists.

2 Enter a name  On the Save Search popup, enter a unique name for your search criteria and click Save as illustrated below:


3 View search criteria On the InsideView Target dashboard, click My Searches to view all saved items.


Note: You can also update a saved search by modifying the criteria and clicking Save. You can use the same name for an existing saved search or rename it if you want to create a new search.


4 Delete a saved search To delete a saved search, click InsideView Target dashboard, select a search item from the My Searches list and click Delete.

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