InsideView Refresh Release Notes v123 (11-June-2016)



About InsideView Refresh

What’s New in v123?

Known Issues

Support and Feedback

About InsideView Refresh

InsideView Refresh® identifies and corrects bad data in your Salesforce CRM, supplies missing information, and maintains the accuracy of data with regular updates.

What's New in v123?

This release of InsideView Refresh has the following new enhancement:

Exclusive Access to InsideView Refresh for a Standard (Non-Admin) User

Your Salesforce CRM system administrator can give standard (non-admin) users access to InsideView Refresh by granting View All and Modify All account object permissions for a user with a custom profile. 

To complete the setup, the system administrator must make sure that the field-level security options for all account object fields is visible/enabled.

For more information, read the article Granting Access to InsideView Refresh for a Standard (Non-Admin) User in Salesforce CRM on our Knowledge Base.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.

Support and Feedback

For any technical issues, submit a request for technical support . InsideView’s support team will contact you to address your technical problem.

Please send an email to to share your feedback and suggestions.

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