Updating Your CRM with InsideView Data


Note: Update CRM in the Mashup is the same as Export in InsideView Sales standalone version. This option is not available in SAP CRM. 

InsideView Sales infuses your CRM with essential Data, Insights, and Connections.  The information in InsideView is continually updated from 40,000 financial, media, and social sources. IV offers you the freshest, most complete, and most accurate data set in the industry. 

With InsideView Sales you can easily update information in your CRM with a few mouse clicks. This article describes how you can update your CRM to reflect freshest data in your Accounts, Leads, and Contacts forms. 

To update fields in your CRM, click Update CRM in your mashup, as illustrated in the screen below:


Next, check/uncheck the options based on your requirements, then click Update Account as illustrated in the screen below. 

When the fields have been updated, you receive the following message:

Note: The fields that are updated by InsideView in your CRM are mapped by your CRM Administrator. While Standard fields are auto-mapped, however custom fields, will need to be mapped from the CRM to InsideView. The Map Fields option is available when you access InsideView through Salesforce.com, SugarCRM or NetSuite. If you are using MSD CRM, Update CRM option will be available only upon enabling of the IFD option. 

Updating Multiple Records in Your Salesforce CRM 

You can update multiple records simultaneously, a maximum of 20 at a time in your Salesforce CRM. To update multiple records at a time, read How Do I Enable and Use the Multi Update Feature on our Knowledge Base.

To learn more about mapping fields, read How to Map Custom Fields article on our Knowledge Base.



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