InsideView Refresh Release Notes v124 (02-July-2016)



About InsideView Refresh

What’s New in v124?

Known Issues

Support and Feedback

About InsideView Refresh

InsideView Refresh® identifies and corrects bad data in your Salesforce CRM, supplies missing information, and maintains the accuracy of data with regular updates.

What's New in v124?

This release of InsideView Refresh has the following new enhancement:

Use Match Scores for More Accurate Data

A match score is a number from 1 to 100 that indicates the likelihood that a match obtained by InsideView Refresh is accurate. Match scores provide insight into the quality of a matched record.

How are Match Scores calculated?

Match scores are composed of additive and subtractive components. These additive (adding to the score) components affect the match score thresholds based on:

  • Number of data fields provided as input by you—lesser the data fields lesser the match score is because the accuracy of data depends on number of fields for which InsideView has the information that can be matched.
  • Number of potential matches in the pipeline—higher the number of potential matches in the pipeline lower the match score is because if the number of alternatives are many, then matching and choosing from multiple alternatives is a difficult choice.

To learn how match score works, read the article InsideView Refresh FAQs on our Knowledge Base.

To configure match score for your InsideView Refresh account, read the article How to Set Match in InsideView Refresh on our Knowledge Base.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.

Support and Feedback

For any technical issues, submit a request for technical support . InsideView’s support team will contact you to address your technical problem.

Please send an email to to share your feedback and suggestions.

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