How Do I Start Using Tech Profiler?


InsideView Tech Profiler™ provides detailed insights about technologies that a company is using. If you are a technology solutions provider, this enables your sales and marketing teams to focus valuable time and resources on targeting the right prospects.

For example, let's assume you are a cloud-based ERP solutions provider.
With InsideView Tech Profiler, you can easily see if a target company is using a cloud-based ERP solution.

InsideView Tech Profiler is an add-on that is integrated into InsideView Sales. The following section outlines how to use Tech Profiler from within your IV Sales Mashup.

The Tech Profiler option is displayed at the bottom in the Company Info page. To use TechProfiler, select Company Info first, then select Tech Profiler as illustrated above.

The following screen appears providing you a list of technologies used by this company. 

Selecting All displays all technologies used by the company. You can also use the check boxes to apply category filters. For example, selecting the Cloud Services check box displays only cloud technologies in the results. You can also use the search box to find a specific technology.



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