Understanding Tech Profiler


InsideView Tech Profiler™ allows B2B technology sales and marketing teams to focus valuable time and resources on targeting the right prospects based on the technologies they use. Tech Profiler is integrated directly into InsideView Sales and it enables you to find new prospects based on the technology they use. What this means is if your solutions are aimed at specific technologies, then you need to know who’s using them.

Note: InsideView Tech Profiler is an optional add-on that can be purchased separately along with InsideView Sales (Enterprise or Account Management) and InsideView Target license. 

Let's assume you are working for a technology company and your product suite can integrate into or support another technology. As a Sales and Marketing professional, it would be very useful if you know who's using which technology or who's using your competitor's solutions. Tech Profiler will precisely help you know all about this. Tech Profiler will help you:

  • Find more ideal prospects who use complementary technologies
  • Drive sales efficiency and results with tech profiles inside CRM

InsideView Tech Profiler tracks 2,100 front-end and back-end hardware and software technologies. Over time this list will expand as the market demands. Tech Profiler is available for 525,000 companies across the United States and Europe. 

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