[POST] - Company Wrong Information Feedback API


Use this API to submit any inconsistency in Company information. 


POST https://api.insideview.com/api/v1/company/{companyId}/wrongInfo


HTTP Headers

Header Name Type Required Description
accessToken String Yes

Valid access token.
See Authentication and Authorization Overview for more details.

Accept String No Selects the response's content type.  
Valid values are application/json and application/xml (default)

URI Parameters

Parameter Name Type Required Description
companyId String Yes Company ID

Query Parameters

Parameter Name Type Required Description
industryCode String No1 Use this if Company Industry is wrong 
revenue String No1 Use this if Revenue is wrong 
employees String No1 Use this if Number of Employees is wrong  
address String No1 Use this if Address is wrong  
websites String No1 Use this if Company website is wrong   
other String No1 Any additional detail or field you want to report  
removeCompany String No1,2 Use this if you wish to remove Company    

1: the request should include at least one of the above parameters.

2: If you are using this parameter, you can not use any other parameters.


HTTP 200

Returns either a JSON or XML data structure depending on the request Accept header. 

Name type Description
requestId String Request Id for submitted wrong Info
companyId String InsideView Company ID
status String Status of the request
fields Array Fields reported 
fields > revenue String Annual Revenue reported
fields > industryCode String Industry Id reported
fields > other String Other fields reported
fields > employees Integer Employee count reported
fields > address String address reported
fields > websites String company URL reported 
fields > removeCompany String Reported to remove company
createdDate String  Request submission date 

application/json example

   "requestId": "927002",
   "companyId": "16826011",
   "status": "new",
   "fields": {
      "revenue": 12,
      "employees": 100,
      "address": "vivek street",
      "websites": "http://vivek.com",
      "other": "vivek",
      "industryCode": "1"
   "createdDate": "2016-07-04T05:07:09.148-07:00"

application/xml example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <address>vivek street</address>

HTTP 400

Invalid query parameter(s).

HTTP 401

Unauthorized Error - Cannot use API's without setting a valid accessToken in header.

HTTP 405

Method Not Allowed - Your are not allowed to access this API.

HTTP 429

Request is throttled.


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