Enabling Insights, powered by InsideView for Custom Forms in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premises


You can create custom forms under Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity entities and enable Insights on those  forms. Follow the instructions in this article to enable the Insights application.

To create a custom form under Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity entities, refer to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Help Documentation.

Note: These steps are applicable only for the Insights 4.0 solution package:

Step Description Details
 1 Open the Main Custom form. Go to Settings > Customization > Customize the System > Entities > Account > Form > Select the Entity Main form.

The following screen appears:


 2 Add the Insights 4.0 connector
  • Select the Section and click the Insert tab.

  • On the Insert tab, click the Web Resource icon.

 3 Add the Web Resource properties On the Web Resources page, enter the following properties:
  • Search and select the iv_/webpages/summary_mashup.htm web resource.
  • Enter the Field Name and Label Properties field values as WebResource_Insights and Insights.
  • Enter the Web Resource Custom Parameter(data) property values as "solutionVersion=4.1&crm_version=v123".
  • Select the Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters and Enable for Tablet check boxes.


 4 Add the Formatting tab properties Select the Formatting tab and change the following values:
  • Select the One-Column check box.
  • Enter the value Number of Rows as 20.
  • Select the Automatically expand to use available space check box.
  • Deselect the Display Border check box.


  • Click OK.
 5 Create the Insights Navigation Link page Double-click on the Common tile to make it editable. On the Custom Form page, select Insights in the left pane and click the Navigation Link icon as illustrated below:


Note: If the Insights link does not exist under the Common tile, create a new Navigation Link

 6 Add Navigation Link properties On the Navigation Link dialog box, enter the following information:
  • Name as Insights.
  • Icon as iv_/images/insights_32px.png
  • Search and select the Web Resource URL as iv_/webpages/detail_mashup.htm.


  • Click OK.
 7 Go to the Form Properties page

Select the Insights tab and click the Form Properties icon to bring up the Form Properties page.


 8 Modify the custom form properties On the Form Properties page, select the Parameters tab and enter the following information:
  • Click the + Add icon.
  • Enter the Name as iv_onLoadAction.
  • Enter the Type as SafeString.


  • Click OK.
 9 Save and Publish Click Save, then click Publish.

Note: Repeat steps 1-9 for Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Lead Microsoft Dynamic CRM entities. 


Now, you can navigate to the Account Details page to launch the Insights application in the narrow mash up.

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