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About InsideView Sales

What’s New in v129?

Support and Feedback 

About InsideView Sales

InsideView Sales offers the most accurate and complete market intelligence that powers productivity across the enterprise. Up-to-the-minute intelligence from over 40,000 sources is delivered into your business workflow through various InsideView CRM integrations. The Insideview for Sales product suite also includes:  

  • InsideView Mobile™ – Provides market intelligence on your mobile device making it easy to access on the go.
  • InsideView Account Management™ – Provides leadership change updates and market intelligence to keep you informed about important activities across your accounts and arms you with insights to retain and grow them.

What's New in v129

Click the following links to browse through the feature updates and enhancements in the respective products:

New Features in InsideView Sales

Watchlist Notification Emails now More Informative

The InsideView for Sales Watchlist notifications have been revamped this release to make it more informative and more relevant and user-consumable. The Notification email will now contain the Name of the Watchlists (if it is user-modified) along with the title of the first news article. On the user experience front, the notification email will be more responsive across different sized devices. Unlike the old use-model, the notification email will now have a summary of the total number of news for each agent, as illustrated in the screen below:


Jobs Tab Goes Obsolete 

The Jobs tab in InsideView for Sales goes obsolete starting this release. What this means to the users is they would not be able to view open jobs offered by the company they are following or the company whose data they are viewing. 

New Features in InsideView Mobile

Customized Experience 

InsideView Mobile now provides a customized app experience.

  • If you have configured Watchlists, InsideView Mobile shows news related to the agents by default. 
  • If you have given access to your Calendars otherwise , then by default insights related to your meetings will appear. 
  • If both of these are available, then Search is displayed to help you start researching your target companies and people. 
  • You can, however, switch between these three tabs (News Feed, Meetings, and Search ) anytime seamlessly. 

New Features in InsideView Account Management

There are no feature updates and bug fixes in this release. 

Support and Feedback

For technical issues, email contact support. Insideview’s Support team will contact you within a few hours to address your technical problem.

Please share your feedback and ideas with us by sending an email to or click the Feedback button on the right-hand side of this page.

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