How to Save a Search in InsideView Sales List Building


As part of our Build a List feature, InsideView allows you to save your search criteria with a unique name, so that you can use this same criteria for future list building searches.

Note: To save a search, you must first build a list of companies or people. For more information, read the articles How to Build a List of People and How to Build a List of Companies in our Knowledge Base.

Step Description Details
1 Save search criteria On the Results page, click Save Search.


Note: You can toggle between company and people list to filter the respective lists.

2 Enter a name  On the Save Search popup, enter a unique name for your search criteria and click Save as illustrated below:


3 View search criteria On the InsideView Sales screen, your saved search is listed under Saved Searches, as illustrated below. Click your Saved Search to access your search criteria. 


Note: You can also update a saved search by modifying the criteria and clicking Save. You can use the same name for an existing saved search or rename it if you want to create a new search. 

4 Delete a saved search To delete a saved search, just click the 'x' mark adjacent to your saved search and it gets deleted. 

Note: Saved searches work pretty fine for trial users also. The saved search of a trial user stays intact after the trial license gets converted into a paid license. These saved searches work pretty seamlessly even when license type changes from one type to another and restored back. For instance, if the Admin turns the user account from Enterprise to Free and back to Enterprise, the saved searches will be intact with the only precondition that they would not be accessible in the Free mode. 

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