Activating and Running InsideView Append Data Integration Rule


You must enable InsideView Append data in Salesforce by running the Data Integration Rule assessment.

To learn how to install InsideView Append app, read the article Installing InsideView Append in Salesforce in our Knowledge Base.

The following instructions describe how to run InsideView Append Data Integration Rule in Salesforce CRM.

Step Description Details
 1 Login to Salesforce Log in to Salesforce CRM with a user who has edit page privilege.  
 2 Go to Setup Click the Settings icon and select the Setup item.



 3 Search for Data Integration Rule In the Setup page, type Data Integration and click the Search icon as illustrated:


When you select Data Integration Rules, you can view all data integration rules in your instance. Select the InsideView Lightning Data Integration rule as shown below:


Note: Before activating the InsideView Lightning Data Integration rule, your InsideView customer success manager (CSM) or contact our sales team must change your license type from Trial to Active. Only then you will see the Activate button in the screen below.

 4 Activate InsideView Append app In the InsideView Lightning Data Integration page, click Activate.activate_app.png
 5 Run the rule When you click integration rule, the InsideView Lightning Data Integration page appears. Click Run in this page.


 6 View the rule Once the InsideView Lightning Data Rule is successfully completed, Click View to view the assessment results.



 7 View assessment results You can visualize the assessment results as illustrated below:


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