Installing InsideView Append in Salesforce CRM


This article helps you complete the installation process for InsideView Append in your Salesforce CRM. Only a Salesforce CRM administrator can install InsideView Append application.

InsideView Append for Salesforce is now available in Salesforce AppExchange store as a Lightning Data App. 

Important: InsideView Append for Salesforce is supported only in Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance editions.

Installing InsideView Append for Salesforce 

If you want to install InsideView Append app, your Salesforce administrator need to follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to Salesforce AppExchange.
  2. Search for InsideView as
  3. Click the InsideView Append for Salesforce app link and then click Get It Now.install2.png
  4. Choose either Production or Sandbox instance to install the app.install3.png
  5. To confirm the installation of InsideView Append app, select the Terms and Conditions check box and then click Confirm and Install.install4.png
  6. Salesforce will prompt you to login again. Once you login, the following dialog appears:install5.png
  7. Choose the desired option and click Install.
  8. Once installation is complete, click Done.install6.png

Now, you may run the InsideView Append data integration rule assessment to evaluate quality of InsideView data. To do this, read the article Running InsideView Append Lightning Data Integration Rule in our Knowledge Base. 

To learn how to add InsideView Append data to an Account page layout in Salesforce CRM, refer to the article Configuring InsideView Append Data in Salesforce Account Page Layout in our Knowledge Base.

To update your license and contract terms for InsideView Append, contact your InsideView Customer Success Manager (CSM) assigned for your organization or contact our sales team.

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