Viewing Account Data from InsideView Append


InsideView's customer success manager (CSM) or the implementation team members can activate or de-activate InsideView Append users who have purchased this app via Salesforce.  

Important: You need Account Administrator privileges to activate user accounts and licenses in Salesforce. Once a user installs InsideView Append for Salesforce CRM, one or more leads for that account will be created in the License Management App (LMA) for Lightning Data.

Step Description Details
 1 Open the Lead Page

Once an opportunity that includes the Lighting Data is closed, CSM must search for the user or admin by email address.

Log in to Salesforce CRM, search the lead that has InsideView Lightning Data license assigned. For example, click on the L-28163 License Name.

 2 Activate the user licenses

In the Lead License page, do the following changes to activate a user account:

  • Change status from Trial to Active.
  • Change the Expiration Date to the contract renewal date.

 3  Save Click Save to save all changes.
 4 Deactivate account To deactivate an expired account, go to the same user license page, select the Suspended item in the Status field, and click Save.


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